Welcome to the War Room!

We have fun playing games in the Den but The War Room is where the work gets done. In here we imagine, develop, test, argue over, and create our next titles!

Here is the sequence of events our games generally follow, from the first spark of the idea right to getting it out into the world! Check out each section to get a glimpse of what we have coming out next!

The Muse

Ideas come at any time, when they do we write them here! Check out what game ideas we have rummaging around in our heads!

Rummaged Robots

It's a distant future where everything is desolate. Survivors have been able to rebuild robots using parts from service robots used during civilizations height! They help them survive by helping farm and collect water, but most importantly; to defend themselves. At night, the darkness brings with it something humans can't see. if you do not have strong enough robots you will lose your resources. loose all your robots and you lose everything. Build as many robots as you can before dark and survive!

The Crockpot

Now that we have our idea, it's time to dump all those details in a pot and let them simmer. It's here the ideas take their time to blend and cook down. Here's what's cooking! (sorry if you're hungry now)

Good Gravy!

The not so friendly family gravy cookoff competition! That's right it's the summer fair and yet again all the families in the county are perfecting their gravy recipes for the cookoff! Each player must collect their gravy ingredients, prepare and cook their gravies all while sabotaging and fending off your competition! Players will need to draw to collect their ingredients and cookware, then survive the number of rounds needed to complete their gravy without getting sabotaged! The gravy with the best score wins!


As queen ant, it is up to you to direct your worker and solider ants to build the best colony to survive winter! Assign workers to build the nest, collect food and defend themselves from nature!

Test Phase 1

Our idea is ready and we printed it on basic card stock! Now we sit together to play the game, argue the rules, make hand written changes on the cards to make sure the gameplay is on point!

The Nut Factory

The nut Industry is downsizing and it's up to you to produce the best nut products so your company can survive! Armed with the knowledge of what nuts customers love the most it is up to you to collect the resources and prepare the highest rated products! The factory with the total best score after 3 testing rounds wins!

The Living VS the Dead

The zombie apocalypse has occurred and an extinction war is happening! The Zombies want to annihilate the humans to take over the planet while the humans simply want to fight for their lives! Pick your side then battle against your opponent to take out their leader first!


Hands down our favorite part. This is where we work with the designer and bring the ideas to life! We get to create the vibe, see characters for the first time and really get excited to show everyone the game!



Test Phase 2

Now that the dimension is created, it's time to bring some folks on a tour! We bring a special table to events and play the games with folks to get any last kinks out of the game! Always keep an eye on where we are going to be next on our Facebook Page!

Frog Safari

As a frog scientist it is up to you to collect 3 frogs from the jungle! They could be red, green or blue, small, medium or large and can be found in the swamp, the forest or the lake! The player who collects 3 frogs with the most matches in color size and location wins the round. The explorer with the highest frog scores after all the rounds wins!

You must collect in your pocket 3 frogs of your choice. When you find a frog you want to collect this round remove it from your hand and place it in front of you, locking it in your pocket. Once you've locked in your 3 frogs, you start the clock on your opponents. They must now complete their pockets swiftly to collect as many points as possible before the round ends.

As players draw from the deck they can keep or discard the frog they find, if they do, it's up for grabs by your opponents! You can also steal, snatch or switch frogs with your opponents!


Who knew you needed money to order games! Some games and add-ons we can self fund, but others need outsourced funding to help us bring the game to you!

A round based, dedicated deck card game based on Halloween night, where 3 random Halloween Monsters have appeared at the mansion at the end of your cul-de-sac and it is up to you to defeat them!

To do so you will recruit Trick-or-Treaters as they come down your street! Once on your Team you will assign them to an infantry dedicated to a specific monster.

In order to pick first you must win the Pumpkin Picking Contest by picking the lowest numbered pumpkin!  However, pick the rotten one and you can't pick a Trick-or-treater!

On your turn you can assign weapons and friends to your Teams, pick on your opponents or save your turn and defend yourself against your opponents!

First to prepare the 3 Teams with enough Hits to beat each Monster wins! Play against your opponents or Team up in pairs and save Halloween night!

Coming Soon to
Cutthroat Ninja - Defensive Add-On - September 6th 2022

You will no longer feel vulnerable with this defense add-on for Cutthroat Ninja! Add these cards to your original deck and gain the abilities to block, reverse, hide in the shadows, equip an armor or assign an armored guard to the target, or even play a secret move!

Team Halloween - October 1st 2022

Printing and Shipping

The last step before it getting out to you! Here's what's either being printed or enjoying a nice boat road across the ocean!



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